Industrial protective coatings specialist, Perspect Contracting and Services, has recently entered the superyacht market with the application of the Belzona 1381 product, which repairs, protects and improves water-cooled exhaust system piping.

A Dutch superyacht builder put out a request at the beginning of 2013, at which point Perspect began to undertake chemical and mechanical tests on the piping. Belzona 1381 coating was identified as the most appropriate form of treatment and Perspect began to apply it to pipe sections sent from the yard to its workshop, and then returned them for installation on board the new superyachts. 

“Several yachts followed from the builder”, says Perspect’s Marcel Vrijsen. “Not too long after that, we received requests to coat bypass and exhaust pipes, in-situ, on board yachts in several marinas in Europe. Because [we were new to the industry] we asked them to take out the current pipes, which we coated in our workshop in The Netherlands and then sent back to the dock.” 

A corroded pipe.

Having established a foothold in the industry, Vrijsen says new requests began to extend to coating bypass and exhaust pipes on-site. “Since these pipes are fairly straight and have a diameter of 50mm up to 250mm or bigger with a length up to 20metres, we were able to design mobile equipment for this and meet their wishes”

And now Perspect is looking to bring the Belzona protective pipe coating to the wider superyacht market, as Vrijsen explains. “This is a brand new Belzona solution and application method for the market. Due to the requests and the possibility of applying this Belzona solution immediately to 10 superyachts. We now have fulfilled several contracts and we are looking for new opportunities to attend to.”

Pipes that have been treated with a second layer of Belzona 1381.

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