What is the product?
Absolute Boat Care is a Mallorcan based company that offers specialist paint application, primarily varnish and exterior paints.

How did you hear about the product?
I met the owner of the company, Duncan Sykes, on a Class 4 course and started to use his company shortly after that.

Sailing yacht Alexia. Credit: Wally

How did you get hold of the product?
They have been well established in Mallorca for over 10 years and subsequently have built a quality reputation that makes it quite simple to choose their company.

Ease of installation and application
ABC are easy to work with, showing flexibility to work around our and other contractors schedules. At their workshop spray booths, they always produce the beautiful even finish that we require.
Any recommendations for the product's improvement?
Would you recommend it to your industry colleagues?
Due to their reasonably priced service and the quality of their work, I do recommend them to other colleagues.