Dayworkers are essential to the daily operations of a yacht sitting in port. But with the new stipulation under the Marine Labour Convention 2006 that all crewmembers must be working under a Seafarer Employment Agreement (SEA), the relatively straightforward procedure of picking up dayworkers of the dock may be disrupted.

Credit: Justin Ratclife

In order to employ dayworkers on board 56m motoryacht Ulysses after the implementation date, Chief Officer Owain Rowlands has edited an existing ‘Temporary Employment Agreement’ that will comply with the new MLC regulations. The contract, once signed, will establish the dayworker as a non-seafarer and as a result alleviate them from the necessity of having a SEA.

“The contract can only be used for persons carrying out daywork whilst the yacht is in port,” Rowlands explains. “Once the dayworker sleeps on board or goes out to sea with the yacht, they become a seafarer and a full SEA will need to be issued. A copy of this contract will also have to be sent to the insurance company and they must be informed when dayworkers are on board.

A copy of the contract can be read below:
The contract has been verified by the Flag State for use on board Ulysses and should persons require a copy or use a similar format, they are advised to contact their own flag state for approval prior to implementing it on board.

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