Last July we announced that the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) was partnering with the Professional Yachting Association (PYA) in a search for expert chief engineers and ETOs to create and form two voluntary expert working groups - a source of intelligent information exchange for the top professionals of this often-neglected crew department.

The IET and PYA have now announced the names of successful applicants and have consequently established the two working groups. Members can be found in the lists below:

Chief engineers' expert working group:
Martin Ridge (co-chairman)
Jeremy Jordan
Mike Sizeland
Christian Markgraaff
David Rees
Niels Sondergaard
Stephen Lennon
Rass Tolstrup
Kevin White
Mark Critchley
Julian White
Duncan McQuire
Steve Courney
Chris Finnigan
Katherine Bruce
Tony Schultz
Anthony Hendricks
Sylvain Staels
Sango Tomislav

ETOs' expert working group:
David Carlisle (co-chairman)
Scott Galloway
Ryan Longthorn
Simon Hodkinson (co-chairman)
Chris Lane
Lloyd Bennett
Rhys Jacobsen
Colin Moore
Cristian Popescu
Tim Geering
Richard Walker

Each expert working group will work via virtual online platform MyCommunity with a view to raise standards at sea. The virtual communities can be visited at and by joining "The IET & PYA Superyacht (Engineering) Forum".