We’re smack bang in the middle of the summer charter season. Crew are working non stop – and earning non stop. In our Superyacht Golden Ticket crew survey, we wanted to find out just how crew earn from tips during the average charter – so we asked you.

Let’s cut to the chase. Of the 1,000-plus crewmembers who took the survey, 137 of you answered this question, confirming the yachting industry’s tipping culture remains a somewhat sensitive topic. However, the results from the 137 of you who answered the question reveal that the average tip for a two-week charter is 2,891 euros.

While the answers varied little between those of you on sailing yachts and motoryachts (those of you on motoryachts generally get tipped 500 euros more), the biggest differentiating factor seems to be the size of yacht. Those between 30m and 30m, for example, receive on average 3,070 euros while those on yachts above 70m receive a slightly smaller 2,737 euros. And it’s that 70m border that makes all the difference and across which we see the biggest difference. Crew on a yacht between 60m and 69m, for example, seem to do the best, receiving an average tip of 4,337 euros, while those of you on yachts just over the 70m threshold, yachts between 70m and 79m receive close to 3,000 euros less, taking home an average tip of 1,527 euros.

We can expect crew to receive approximately 11,564 euros of tips over their summer and winter seasons.

We also asked you how many weeks or months of charter your yacht undertakes. The majority spend between one and three months on charter. If we average this and say yachts spend an average of two months on charter, on the basis of charters lasting two weeks, we can expect crew to receive approximately 11,564 euros of tips over their summer and winter seasons. That’s quite a hefty addition to an annual salary which, if you keep a look out for out salary questions, which more than 500 of you answered, you’ll see is certainly not on the low end of the scale.

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The winner of the Superyacht Golden Ticket crew survey has not yet been announced. But don’t worry, you won’t miss it…

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