Although not the first concept to feature bamboo as the main building material, such as the 20m Cut concept by industrial designer Christian Peetz or the 32m Cronos concept by Lorenzo Berselli and Simone Madella, the R1 is the first tender concept we’ve seen to be inspired by, and to be built from, bamboo. Working together with US-based Lamboo, principal designer Peter Symonds at Sigmund Yacht Design has created a 7.7m futuristic-looking boat.

The American producer specialises in the manufacturing of engineered bamboo that can be used for structural, architectural and industrial applications. To best present the qualities of the material to the superyacht industry, Lamboo commissioned Vienna-based Sigmund Yacht Design to create the R1 tender, which will use laminated bamboo from its Aviation and Marine range called Lamboo Elite.

“The type of bamboo we use matches, if not exceeds, the qualities of hardwood,” explains Peter Illig, the international business development and sustainability advisor at Lamboo. “Lamboo components are more stable by an average of 20 per cent in comparison with hardwoods and up to 40 per cent more stable than softwoods such as pine or douglas fir. Bamboo also reacts better when exposed to fire, as it smoulders rather than burns.”

Among the design features of the R1 are removable bench cushions amidships and forward sunbed cushions, aft handrails, and a three-spoke wooden steering wheel at the helm.

The tender, which can carry a maximum of eight guests and achieve a maximum speed of 28 knots, will be available in two models to accommodate both the superyacht and lake-based markets. The former version is estimated to cost a little over 148,600 euros to construct, with an equivalent model made from traditional plywood costing approximately five per cent less.

“For the superyacht market we offer the full Lamboo plywood construction version finished in a veneer of almost unlimited colours, tone patterns and grains,” says Symonds. “This is diesel powered via a z-drive unit using either a Volvo Penta 190d or the more powerful Mercruiser producing 265hp.”

A model of the R1 tender will be presented at the 2013 boat shows in Abu Dhabi and Singapore to tempt prospective owners.

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