From 4 – 5 September, Jotun is hosting the inaugural ‘Surface to Surface Captains’ Coating Forum’ in Antibes. The event, a first of its kind, is looking to bring together captains, shipyards and applicators to enter into a dialogue with a view to improving the understanding of the wants of all parties in the shipyard. The Crew Report spoke to those involved to find out more about the need for the event in the context of today’s industry.

We spoke to Troy Harvey, Jotun’s yacht concept project supervisor, who explained that growing relationships in the industry mean this dialogue is needed now more than ever.

How has the context surrounding paint application changed, and why is 2013 the time to stage this inaugural event?

Troy: The days of just selling paint and not having a close relationship with the captains, the shipyards, the applicators, are a thing of the past. We’re finding already that the earlier a paint company is brought into the team and working hand-in-hand with the captain, the applicator and the shipyard, the better the projects are succeeding.

Why has Jotun made the captains the focus of this event?

Troy: We feel that one of the biggest voices should be the captains, so to put them in a room and have them say how they want to be worked with, we think is the way forward. We’re learning how purely our customers want us to react. You’re never going to be able to put owners around a table. You might be able to do the same sort of thing with yacht management companies, but we feel the captains are usually the closest people to the owner.

Here, Jotun's paint is applied to sailing yacht M5

The Crew Report also spoke with attendees Captain Manuele Avenia of motoryacht Daniella and Clive Johnson, managing director of Magma Structures, about what they excepted to get from this event.

Why should this event be on the radar of today’s superyacht captains and fellow industry professionals?

Captain Avenia: I think it is important to meet the contractors and hear them out. It gives a broader understanding of what they have to offer regarding their products. I want to attend this event because of my professional interest in developing more knowledge in every aspect of this industry and this time it’s coating – you stop learning the day you die. It is important to me that next time my boss decides to paint his yacht, I will be fully informed about options and products’ quality.

Johnson: This is a great opportunity for the superyacht community to meet and discuss one of the key elements of any build or refit project. It’s a chance to learn more about the life expectancy of today’s coatings and finishes, after care, practice for maintenance, the most reliable products, the most reliable colours, and how contracts should be drafted to ensure best practice for both the builder and the client.

What will you be hoping to get from this event?

Captain Avenia: I hope to learn something new. We have all done major refits and new builds, but technology and materials evolve and better techniques are applied, so keeping up to date is important.

Johnson: The chance to meet fellow people within the industry, talk about current projects and new opportunities, as well as discussing technologies and innovations, current trends in the market and challenges with today’s suppliers.

Do we need more discussion about coatings in today’s industry?

Captain Avenia: I don’t know how many coating discussions are going on in a yearly period, but I believe that more knowledge I can add to my personal experience will better my work.

Johnson: The industry is progressing fast and the demands are ever increasing. Structures are becoming much larger and hence the challenges in application and durability in life are ever increasing. The opportunity to have all the relevant parties in one location to discuss openly must be of value.

On Thursday 5 September delegates will be invited to take part in the Jotun Grand Prix

The Captains' Coating Forum is an invitation only event, taking place in Antibes from 4 – 5 September 2013. For more information, or to express an interest in attending, then please contact Katie Poundall at The Superyacht Events Agency at The event is hosted by Jotun, with headline sponsorship from Rolling Stock; and support from Cathelco, MarinTurk Turkuaz and Safinah

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